Wall Street

Isn’t it time we quick judging the health of our economy by how much the market is up or down? Clearly the salaries brokers take show they are out of touch with what’s really happening in the world. The market goes up or down like the 24 hr news cycle- is that the way your finances work? If it is you need to at least attempt to look into the future a few weeks, ok, months, ok, years.

As diffiucult as that is it must be done, and when you see uncertainty (Uncertainty as a definition of human existence, deserves more thought) go conservative. Simple, effective.

And don’t believe everything your broker tells you, unless you’ve been working with them a long time.

True gage of economy? Tough one but, how bout: Can you pay your bills and are you happy?

Paths to economic success: lessen how leveraged you are as much as possible. Live simply. Make a splurge a rare treat- means a lot more that way. Plan you finances so you have enought to give to those less fortunate.

Don’t watch CNN,Bloomberg or your local news. Read a book or talk to your mate at dinner instead.


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