Blog Again

I feel like James Caan in ‘Misery’, the ‘e’ has come off my keyboard. I push it on and it stays for a while, then, whoops, there it went. Not so bad, I guess,

How’s this for a blogger (oh yeah, and my space bar sticks,) I’m tired of politics (liars) religion (posers) and anything but, it seems fiction, because fiction at least isn’t lying about what it is up to. Thus, to match the irony of human existence, fiction is closer to the truth that non-fiction.

But music and poetry still rule (yes, music is poetry, so despite the rumors of its demise, poetry is in fact more dominant that ever.) Allusion is meaning, thus mystery is gravitas, while technical expertise, though nice and useful, can’t match the big fat snowflakes wafting down outside my window in Taos at this moment. Hopefully, I’ll get snowed in and work will be a faint memory.

So here i go again, will go again, and hope someone cares, at least as much as I do.

Love all.


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