People let too many little things ruin their day, their week, their relationships.

A perceived tone of voice, reading unknown thoughts instead of what is said, believing the worst case scenario, about someone’s intentions, motives, love or lack thereof.

How many special moments together are lost because a mother and daughter aren’t speaking; how much love left unexpressed.

Why do so many people prefer conflict, bearing a grudge, exaggeration in place of forgiveness?

One life to live, such a short time to take advantage of time with loved ones.

If I think someone is not considering my feelings, it probably says more about me than the someone. I can remove myself any exposure to that person, or forgive (see, it was about me all along,) and enjoy what that someone brings to my life.

I am never going to agree one-hundred percent with anyone, we are all free, unique individuals. Not even my spouse and I will always agree, and to take offense at a disagreement is but destructive.




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