The Man Who Would Be King – The Soft Coup

Two years ago I posted what someone would do if they wanted to stage a soft coup.
The country is currently following the script.

-Sow distrust in the country’s institutions – Trump’s claims local government and law enforcement cannot protect us
-Sow distrust in the media – claim they are liars – fake news
-Create an Us vs Them mentality – a Cult of Personality – Trump as hero

The US has now been prepped for the next step: Declare a Crisis
-If Personality’s power is lessened, Personality’s opponents will take over the country – June 12 Trump claims ‘Anarchists’ taking over Seattle
-Personality is the only one who can protect you – The election will be fraudulent – On July 19 Trump refused to state he would respect 2020 election results

-The crisis will be the pretext to declare Marshall Law – Temporary Military takeover supplanting local law enforcement and government – Trump’s Federal agents currently being dispersed around the country without local approval or any accountability.

Who will stop the military if Trump’s agents blindly follow their Commander in Chief?

Historically, got a Soft Coup only a minority of the population’s support is needed, as long as they unquestioningly accept Personality’s pronouncements, no matter how outrageous or illogical – Trump’s current approval rate is 42%, and no matter how many times he’s proven to be lying, his supporters believe in him.

The most important element for this to become reality is for the majority of the population to remain silent, to not admit a soft coup is a real possibility.
By the time the majority takes it seriously – it’s too late.

If Trump thinks he is going to lose the election, be prepared for The Crisis to be declared.
It’s time to speak, to protest, to cry foul so loud and clear that even Trump will be forced to admit The Man Who Would Be King is fiction.
The Coup has begun


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