I write and run small businesses. I have reached a point in my life where learning, thus writing and reading, are the things that inspire me, more than the limited satisfactions of running a business or creating jobs for people. I have always written and, ala Descartes, wish now to apply myself to understanding. I am convinced that each one of us lives in his or her own truth, a private world made up of a totality of individual thoughts and experiences. This truth stands under what I refer to as Truth with a capital T, the physical realithy of the world we find ourselves in, the world we attempt to explain, describe, and understand utilizing the methods of science and perception.

My writing focuses on both fiction and non-fiction. Fiction explores and reveals more about the world of truth; Non-Fiction the world of Truth. It is impossible to completely separate these worlds because of the simple fact that no individual can stand outside of her or his self. I am nervous about claiming a pure dualism for our existence, it’s just not that simple.

My formal education consists of a GED, I dropped out of high school at 15; a BA in Philosophy from Oklahoma State University, where I also worked on my MA and taught, though I never finished my thesis so did not receive that degree.

I found myself drawn too much to the world of doing to retire to the Ivory Tower of Academia as a young man, always searching for myself in the world, not believing there was any certain path or occupation that was preordained or I was ‘meant’ for, but more searching for understanding and maybe too afraid of the fact that every choice meant a closing off of possibilities.

I am in the final stages of writing my first novel, THE AGE OF CERTAINTY, portions of which I will post here shortly. I am married to artist Peggy Mcgivern; between us we have 3 children and 5 amazing grandchildren, all of which I am jealous of for their individuality and youth, and I split my time between our homes and businesses in Denver, Colorado and Taos, New Mexico.


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